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Ash lumber: production and sale

Ash sawn timber means materials made from lumber of the Common Ash species of the olive family. The area of its germination extends across the whole of Europe, Asia and partly North Africa. Ten species of it grow on the territory of Ukraine. The widest is common ash. It has a gorgeous crown, ash-gray bark, it can reach up to 1.5 m in diameter and up to 60 m in height.
Ash has a lot of useful characteristics. The average density of it is 690 kg / m3, which indicates the increased strength of timber material. Hardwood has the highest elasticity, which makes it possible for the material to return to its original state and size after exposure to external forces. This ash characteristic has led to its widespread use in the production of sports equipment: skis, racing oars, gymnastic bars, bows and arrows, etc.
The hardness of the ash board is determined from 3.3 to 4.1 according to the Brinell scale. For this reason, products made from this species show wear resistance, decrease the loads arising during friction. Therefore, any floor covering made of this material will be practical and durable.
The elasticity and impact strength of the ash board gives it the ability to absorb energy without destruction under mechanical stress. The same indicators create favorable conditions to avoid significant deformations with the change of humidity indicator.
Despite all the advantages of ash, it also has several disadvantages. Ash board is difficult to provide with timber preservation treatment, for this reason it is rarely used outdoors. It is also resistant to weak acids. Together with it, contact with the soil and external factors lead to its damage.
The color of the timber can range from a light yellowish tone with an almost white sapwood to a dark brown heart with yellow stripes on the sides. The difference in shades does not affect the quality characteristics of the timber. Its texture is excellent, it is attractive and diverse – an ideal basis for creativity and the implementation of the most daring ideas in furniture production. Thanks to this, the ash board will always bring positive emotions to the consumer with its natural beauty.
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